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My fascination for foreign languages and cultures has not set me apart from my dear Bordeaux region, where my family’s roots are deeply implanted. As such, I could not remain insensitive to wine, that divine nectar. Some call it a work of art and quite paradoxically, in all its diversity and richness, wine defines the region’s identity.

It is indeed more than just a drink: wine conveys an emotion, a culture, a history and even a way of life - all within a few centilitres.

Beyond the artistic dimension of wine making, it is its cultural aspect that appealed to me and led me to specialize in wine tourism.

Rich of ten years of experience with visits and public relations for Hennessy in Cognac and for numerous Bordeaux Grands Crus and Wine Houses, I decided to create “Secrets de Châteaux” to freely share my passion for wine and everything my experience has brought me. I have created several Themed Tours in order for you to discover the infinite wealth of the region‘s cultural and historical heritage.

Be it a wine estate run by the same family for generations, a former windmill perched on the hilltop, a Roman church or even a sublime view on the Gironde estuary, there are many stunning places full of mystery that took my breath away while exploring the region for more than one year and that I want you to discover.

I look forward to introducing you to the poetic and artistic universe of Bordeaux wines!




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